How it works...

The Portable E-STOP System (ESS) provides a convenient, reliable and rapid solution to ensure that your electrical and compressed air energy sources can be de-energized in an emergency situation.

  • The ESS is either hard-wired or plugged directly into the main electrical supply. Input voltages range from 110V-480V and from 10-60 amps
  • All electrical loads are either hard-wired or plugged into the ESS, thereby providing integrated protection when needed
  • ESS buttons, wireless controllers and/or other E-STOP activation switches connect to the ESS
  • ESS circuits are self-monitoring
  • Optional “daisy-chain” inter-connect capabilities allow for multiple E-STOP activation switches to communicate with each other, thus enabling one operator to de-energize all interconnected stations

In an emergency situation, all loads are simultaneously and instantly de-energized by depressing an ESS button or by activating an optional E-STOP activation switch.

110V • 240V • 480V • AIR

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